The Pursuit of Best Practices

As we close the year 2009, we are eagerly looking forward to 2010 and 2011!
Cherokee Fire Protection will be performing installations of fire sprinkler systems in grocery stores, government buildings, hotels and many other occupancies in 2010. We will also continue to provide high quality inspections of fire sprinkler systems throughout Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and Michigan.
We look forward to meeting our customers needs in the months and years to come. In fact, we're going a step further in meeting customers expectations: We're shooting for the best!
Since 2008, Cherokee Fire has been utilizing Best Practices in construction and project managment. As we enter into 2010, we will be examing and revamping all organizational aspects of our company utilizing accepted ISO standards.
ISO, the International Standards Organization ( registers organizations which have created and maintained a quality management system which complies with their standards. Prior to registration, orgaizations must apply and be subject to an on-site audit of their facilities by an ISO auditor to gain approval.
Cherokee Fire Protection has set an internal deadline of April1, 2011 for application of registration to the ISO 9001:2008 standard. We will be utilizing these quality standards in 2010. Since we're already utilizing industry Best Practices, some customers and vendors may not notice significant changes while others will. Any changes observed, however, will be good changes.
For additional information about the Fire Sprinkler Industry Best Practices, visit:
For additional information about the International Standards Organization, visit:

Questions regarding Cherokee Fire Protection's quality management system and ISO planning my be addressed by Forest Wilson, President of Cherokee Fire and Quality Compliance Official. (ph: 937-376-2333)

Cherokee renews commitment to Protect Lives and Property

Cherokee Fire Protection Co., based in Xenia OH is proud to renew it's membership with the National Fire Sprinkler Association (NFSA). Founded in 1905, the mission statement of the Association is "To protect lives and property through the wide spread aceptance of the fire sprinkler concept."
The NFSA membership is composed of manufacturers, contractors, public officials and friends of the industry concerned with stopping death by fire with fire sprinklers.
Recently, the NFSA was instrumental in promoting residential fire sprinklers in new houses and apartment buildings. Since the majority of deaths by fire occur in homes, these new requirements will SAVE LIVES!
The NFSA also works with contractors and building departments to assist in code interpretations and ways to make fire sprinklers an affordable option for any building project.
Cherokee Fire is proud to be a part in this endeavor. For more information, visit the NFSA homepage:

Cherokee Fire Completes Kroger Store

Cherokee Fire Protection recently completed the Kroger store renovation in Kettering, Ohio. The store was completely renovated. Cherokee performed exhaustive work on the fire sprinkler systems protecting the store.

We are proud to have completed the job on-time and on-budget. Forest Wilson served as Project Manager and General Foreman. Local 669 Journeyman Cliff White did an outstanding job in the field. William Schmidt of Fire Sprinkler Design, Inc. served as Fire Sprinkler Layout Technician.
Pictured above, at the end of the project and prior to the store's Grand Opening are (l-r): Mr. Tamer, Kroger Store Manager; Gary Bennett, Reece Campbell, Inc., Forest Wilson, Cherokee Fire.
Additional pictures of the Grand Opening may be viewed at the Dayton Daily Newspaper, link provided above.
Based in Xenia, Ohio Cherokee Fire Protection services the entire state of Ohio, reaching into Eastern Indiana, Michigan and Kentucky. We provide both service and new construction services. For information on how we can help you in your fire protection needs, call Forest Wilson @ (937)-376-2333.

Cherokee Fire Protection is Committed to Employees Health Care

As our national leaders debate health care reform, they consider the following:

*Health care insurance premiums are rising three times faster than wages or inflation.
*One in four families is having a hard time paying for medical care-and two-thirds of those had problems with their insurance.
*Every 30 seconds someone files for "medical bankruptcy."
*Today, 47 million people in America have no health coverage-including 8.7 million children.
*Lack of health insurance hurts us all-premiums for employer-provided health coverage include about $1,000 toward the cost of care for the uninsured.
*Ninety percent of Americans say the U.S. health care system needs to undergo fundamental change-or be rebuilt completely.
Hoever, Cherokee Fire Protection is committed to providing health insurance for our hard-working employees and their families. As a union signatory contractor with the United Association of Plumbers, Pipefitters and Sprinklerfitters (UA) we contribute towards employees ongoing training, pension and health insurance.
We believe it is not only our social responsibilty but also a good business practice. As a result, our employees live more healthy, fulfilling lives and are better trained to meet our customer's needs.
For more information about our relationship with the UA, visit or contact Forest Wilson, President Cherokee Fire Protection: 937-376-2333.

Forest Wilson Responds to Scandaliato's Article in Contractor Magazine

Forest Wilson, President of Cherokee Fire Protection Co. recently responded to Steven Scandaliato's assertion that plumbing contractors are better suited to install fire sprinkler systems than fire sprinkler contractors.
"The plumbing industry should stick to developing the green portion of their industry and leave fire sprinkler installation to the same people that have been doing it for the last 100 years," wrote Wilson.
Mr. Wilson's article was published in the August 2009 issue of Contractor magazine and can be viewed online at:

US Fire Administration Promotes Residential Fire Sprinklers

NFSA Homepage: "United States Fire Administration Promotes Residential Fire Sprinklers
The USFA has promoted research, development, testing, and demonstrations of residential fire sprinkler systems for more than 30 years. Research regarding residential fire sprinklers has indisputably demonstrated that they save the lives of occupants and firefighters, significantly reduce the risk of premature building collapse in a fire where lightweight construction components are used, and reduce property loss caused by fire."

Registered Small Business with Hamilton County

Cherokee Fire Protection Co. successfully registered as a Small Business Enterprise with Hamilton County, OH on June 29, 2009.

This registration will allow Cherokee Fire to offer quality fire protection services to the governmental agencies of Hamilton County. In order to successfully register, Cherokee Fire was required to demonstrate that we met the detailed definitions and size requirements established by the Small Business Administration (SBA).

Since 2005, Cherokee Fire has performed extensive work in Hamilton County...from rebuilding a fire pump at a local Home Depot store to installing a fire sprinkler system at a Men's Warehouse mall outlet. We also perform fire sprinkler and backflow testing within the city of Cincinnati as a bonded waterworks contractor.

We look forward to working with the Hamilton County Small Business Program on developing strategies to better serve the area residents and businesses in their fire sprinkler, fire pump and backflow needs.

For more information about the Small Business program, visit:

The Cost of Maintaining Fire Sprinkler Systems and Choosing a Qualified Contractor

The May 2009 issue of Today's Facility Manager featured a well-written, thought provoking article by Rick Stathis titled, "The Importance of Maintenance in a Tough Economy," which is accessible by going to:

As the author of the article explains, facility managers are often tempted to delay expensive repairs or even postpone routine maintenance during these trying economic times. The article examines the cost of delaying the resurfacing of a parking lot. An intital bid of $200,000 increases to $260,000 because the price of materials, labor and taxes will continue to rise and the contractor passes these on to the customer.

Fire Sprinkler systems also require regular maintenance. The Industry standard for regular Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of systems is found in NFPA 25. ( Most states and localities have adopted NFPA 25 as a standard and legally enforce the maintenance to be performed as part of the Fire Code.

Owners of fire sprinkler systems are responsible for ensuring that their systems are properly maintained, for both Fire Code and Insurance reasons. A large number of Insurance Companies will not recognize or give discounts for fire sprinkler systems if the system is neglected for a period of 3 years and Fire Marshal's can issue fines against owners that do not comply with the Fire Code.

A motel operator may be first inclined to pick up the phone book, look up a fire protection contractor and call the first company listed to perform his sprinkler inspection. Or, he may call all of the companies listed to get the lowest price quoted. This is a rough economy and all businesses are affected, many are struggling to survive and nobody wants cash to go out the door. But there is one lesson we often learn in business: You Get What You Pay For!

I know a motel operator (actually a few, along with a few facility owners) that used the most inexpensive inspection and maintenance company they could locate..after all, there's not much to maintain in a motel, right? WRONG! This operator was never told that his facility had recalled fire sprinklers! To make matters worse, the manufacturer of these sprinklers offered a FREE Replacement Program, at NO COST for SIX YEARS! The motel owner was not informed of the recalled fire sprinklers or the free program! The State Fire Marshal did a routine inspection of the property, noticed the recalled sprinklers and ordered them replaced! This cost the motel owner $25,000! The motel owner later contacted us and asked me to inspect his system for additional deficiencies and I found other components that were NOT being maintained!

Now it is not the motel owners job or specialty to MEASURE competency in contractors, but there are a few things owners can do to locate a good inspection company:

1. Contract with a "FIRE SPRINKLER" company! There are a lot of "Fire Extinguisher" companies out there that claim they can do everything, but if they are unable to install fire sprinklers than they really shouldn't claim they have ability to inspect them.

2. A good contractor will belong to the National Fire Sprinkler Association ( or the American Fire Sprinkler Association ( Contractors pay hundreds of dollars in dues to belong to these organizations because they offer training, product research and development and play an active role in development of the Fire Codes.

3. References! If a property owner calls me for a reference, I'll give him a few! My references will say that I'm reasonably priced and SAVE THEM MONEY! Some will say we fixed problems that were ongoing for years, which resulted in expensive emergency calls with competitors. Others will say we saved them TENS OF THOUSANDS of DOLLARS by identifying recalled sprinkler components when the competition failed to do so! The one thing our customers will NOT say is that we are the CHEAPEST in town.


For more information, call me at 937-376-2333.

Cherokee Fire Commences Work on Kroger Store

Kroger Store
Kettering, OH

Cherokee Fire Protection Co. was recently awarded the Contract for Fire Sprinkler scope of work at the Kroger Grocery Store in Kettering, OH.
As reported on WHIO Television, Kroger is undergoing an extensive interior remodel to better serve its customers and the community. When it opens, it will have a new name: Fare Fresh by Kroger. To view the exclusive TV report, click here:
Forest Wilson, President of Cherokee Fire Protection is serving as Project Manager. Cherokee is subcontracted through Reece Campbell, Inc. Cole-Russell is the Project Architect.
"We look forward to working with Kroger and Reece Campbell on this job," stated Wilson. "Kroger and the community will appreciate the new store layout and it will be protected with a fully automatic fire sprinkler system."
For futher information about the services of Cherokee Fire Protection, please call our office at 888-347-3079.

Forest Wilson invited to Focus Group on Industry Best Practices

Forest Wilson, President of Cherokee Fire Protection Co., was recently invited to a select Focus Group for development of Best Practices procedures for the Fire Sprinkler Industry.

Mr. Wilson joined in collaboration with top industry leaders working on Best Practices procedures for Project Management.

"Cherokee Fire prides itself on being a Best Practices company," stated Mr. Wilson. "We go the extra mile to ensure our jobs are completed safely and on-time/ on-budget. I deeply appreciate the opportunity to participate in this forum with such industry leaders."

Cherokee Fire Protection has been operating in Ohio since 2005 and now services the entire state of Ohio, northern Kentucky and Indiana. We are signatory with Sprinklerfitters Local 669 and a member of the National Fire Sprinkler Association (NFSA). We take pride in "Doing It Right the First Time!"

For additional information about Best Practices for the Fire Sprinkler Industry, visit: .
Forest Wilson can be contacted by calling 888-347-3079.

Zanesville Health Department

completion date: February 2009
Zanesville Health Department is working hard to serve the residents of Muskingum County, Ohio and recently underwent an extensive remodel and equipped their dental office with updated equipment. The changes will be noticed by anyone who visits the County Building.
Cherokee Fire was proud to play an important role in this remodel by ensuring that their fire sprinkler systems were properly modified during the remodel. Fire Sprinklers save lives and property and they must always be reviewed and modified during remodels. During this project, we worked closely with Lepi, the Building Officials, and owner to ensure that all work was completed to owners satisfaction and installed to the highest industry standards.
Lepi Enterprises, Inc. of Zanesville, OH was the General Contractor. Brian King served as their Project Manager.
Cherokee Fire enjoyed working with Lepi Enterprises and we believe the County residents will appreciate the value they received from Lepi and all of the contractors involved.
Forest Wilson served as Project Manager. Bill Schmidt of Fire Sprinkler Design, Inc. served as Fire Sprinkler Layout Technician. Cliff White, Local 669 Journeyman, did a great job in the field.

Vendor Recognition

Cherokee Fire Protection celebrates 1 year as a client of Dunlevey, Mahan Furry Law Firm
We first encountered Dunlevey Mahan Furry (DMF) through the Dayton Builders Exchange, of which Cherokee Fire is a member.
Specializing in Construction and Contract law, DMF Associate Attorney Donald Rineer has performed more as a business partner than a vendor.
"In business, you need sound legal advice. Dunlevey Mahan Furry delivers and is there when you need them. We are glad to have them representing our interests," said Forest Wilson, President of Cherokee Fire Protection.
We look forward to continuing our relationship with Dunlevey Mahan Furry throughout 2009!
For information about DMF, visit:

Peebles Department Store

Cherokee Fire Protection recently completed installation of the fire sprinkler system at the Peebles Store in Hillsboro, OH.
The work involved modifying the existing wet fire sprinkler system to accomodate the new 22,000 sq. ft. department store.
The job was completed on-time and on-budget. Cherokee Fire commends employees Joe Eagle (journeyman), Jeff Kessman (journeyman) and Brad Koewler (apprentice) for a job well done!
US Builders, Inc. of Dallas, TX was the General Contractor.
William Schmidt of Fire Sprinkler Design, Inc. was the Fire Sprinkler Layout Technician.
Forest Wilson was Project Manager.

Wal-Mart Store; Sidney OH

Cherokee Fire recently completed the fire sprinkler portion of work at the Wal-Mart store in Sidney, OH. The work involved interior renovations, a new pharmacy, eye clinic, deli and changes to the Auto Bay area.
We commend our employees Joe Eagle (Job Foreman) and Brad Koewler (apprentice) for a job well done!
William Schmidt of Fire Sprinkler Design, Inc. served as Fire Sprinkler Layout Technician.
Forest Wilson served as Project Manager.

We have an office recycling program!

In an effort to help reduce waste, Cherokee Fire has initiated an Office Recycling Program.Office papers which were previously discarded and deposited in landfills are now being recycled.

Our current goal is to reduce waste into the dumpster by 50% within the next 6 months. After that, we will continue to strive to recycle as much as possible and are exploring other steps we can take towards being an environmentally-conscience company.

Snow and Fire Hydrants

The midwest has been getting hammered with snowfall during the past few days. Yesterday, I was in Cleveland and observed several roadside Fire Hydrants covered with snow, from the city plow trucks and homeowners cleaning their sidewalks.
The Ohio Fire Code requires a 4' clearance around fire hydrants, and this includes snow. As snow piles up and freezes around the hydrant, it makes the hydrant more difficult for fire department crews to recognize.
After the hydrant is located, it takes time for the firemen to axe away the ice and dig the necessary clearance to connect the fire hoses.
Please, check your nearest hydrant and make sure it has a 4' clearance. The property (and possibly life) you save may be your own!