Zanesville Health Department

completion date: February 2009
Zanesville Health Department is working hard to serve the residents of Muskingum County, Ohio and recently underwent an extensive remodel and equipped their dental office with updated equipment. The changes will be noticed by anyone who visits the County Building.
Cherokee Fire was proud to play an important role in this remodel by ensuring that their fire sprinkler systems were properly modified during the remodel. Fire Sprinklers save lives and property and they must always be reviewed and modified during remodels. During this project, we worked closely with Lepi, the Building Officials, and owner to ensure that all work was completed to owners satisfaction and installed to the highest industry standards.
Lepi Enterprises, Inc. of Zanesville, OH was the General Contractor. Brian King served as their Project Manager.
Cherokee Fire enjoyed working with Lepi Enterprises and we believe the County residents will appreciate the value they received from Lepi and all of the contractors involved.
Forest Wilson served as Project Manager. Bill Schmidt of Fire Sprinkler Design, Inc. served as Fire Sprinkler Layout Technician. Cliff White, Local 669 Journeyman, did a great job in the field.

Vendor Recognition

Cherokee Fire Protection celebrates 1 year as a client of Dunlevey, Mahan Furry Law Firm
We first encountered Dunlevey Mahan Furry (DMF) through the Dayton Builders Exchange, of which Cherokee Fire is a member.
Specializing in Construction and Contract law, DMF Associate Attorney Donald Rineer has performed more as a business partner than a vendor.
"In business, you need sound legal advice. Dunlevey Mahan Furry delivers and is there when you need them. We are glad to have them representing our interests," said Forest Wilson, President of Cherokee Fire Protection.
We look forward to continuing our relationship with Dunlevey Mahan Furry throughout 2009!
For information about DMF, visit:

Peebles Department Store

Cherokee Fire Protection recently completed installation of the fire sprinkler system at the Peebles Store in Hillsboro, OH.
The work involved modifying the existing wet fire sprinkler system to accomodate the new 22,000 sq. ft. department store.
The job was completed on-time and on-budget. Cherokee Fire commends employees Joe Eagle (journeyman), Jeff Kessman (journeyman) and Brad Koewler (apprentice) for a job well done!
US Builders, Inc. of Dallas, TX was the General Contractor.
William Schmidt of Fire Sprinkler Design, Inc. was the Fire Sprinkler Layout Technician.
Forest Wilson was Project Manager.

Wal-Mart Store; Sidney OH

Cherokee Fire recently completed the fire sprinkler portion of work at the Wal-Mart store in Sidney, OH. The work involved interior renovations, a new pharmacy, eye clinic, deli and changes to the Auto Bay area.
We commend our employees Joe Eagle (Job Foreman) and Brad Koewler (apprentice) for a job well done!
William Schmidt of Fire Sprinkler Design, Inc. served as Fire Sprinkler Layout Technician.
Forest Wilson served as Project Manager.

We have an office recycling program!

In an effort to help reduce waste, Cherokee Fire has initiated an Office Recycling Program.Office papers which were previously discarded and deposited in landfills are now being recycled.

Our current goal is to reduce waste into the dumpster by 50% within the next 6 months. After that, we will continue to strive to recycle as much as possible and are exploring other steps we can take towards being an environmentally-conscience company.

Snow and Fire Hydrants

The midwest has been getting hammered with snowfall during the past few days. Yesterday, I was in Cleveland and observed several roadside Fire Hydrants covered with snow, from the city plow trucks and homeowners cleaning their sidewalks.
The Ohio Fire Code requires a 4' clearance around fire hydrants, and this includes snow. As snow piles up and freezes around the hydrant, it makes the hydrant more difficult for fire department crews to recognize.
After the hydrant is located, it takes time for the firemen to axe away the ice and dig the necessary clearance to connect the fire hoses.
Please, check your nearest hydrant and make sure it has a 4' clearance. The property (and possibly life) you save may be your own!