Cherokee Fire Protection is Committed to Employees Health Care

As our national leaders debate health care reform, they consider the following:

*Health care insurance premiums are rising three times faster than wages or inflation.
*One in four families is having a hard time paying for medical care-and two-thirds of those had problems with their insurance.
*Every 30 seconds someone files for "medical bankruptcy."
*Today, 47 million people in America have no health coverage-including 8.7 million children.
*Lack of health insurance hurts us all-premiums for employer-provided health coverage include about $1,000 toward the cost of care for the uninsured.
*Ninety percent of Americans say the U.S. health care system needs to undergo fundamental change-or be rebuilt completely.
Hoever, Cherokee Fire Protection is committed to providing health insurance for our hard-working employees and their families. As a union signatory contractor with the United Association of Plumbers, Pipefitters and Sprinklerfitters (UA) we contribute towards employees ongoing training, pension and health insurance.
We believe it is not only our social responsibilty but also a good business practice. As a result, our employees live more healthy, fulfilling lives and are better trained to meet our customer's needs.
For more information about our relationship with the UA, visit or contact Forest Wilson, President Cherokee Fire Protection: 937-376-2333.

Forest Wilson Responds to Scandaliato's Article in Contractor Magazine

Forest Wilson, President of Cherokee Fire Protection Co. recently responded to Steven Scandaliato's assertion that plumbing contractors are better suited to install fire sprinkler systems than fire sprinkler contractors.
"The plumbing industry should stick to developing the green portion of their industry and leave fire sprinkler installation to the same people that have been doing it for the last 100 years," wrote Wilson.
Mr. Wilson's article was published in the August 2009 issue of Contractor magazine and can be viewed online at: