The Pursuit of Best Practices

As we close the year 2009, we are eagerly looking forward to 2010 and 2011!
Cherokee Fire Protection will be performing installations of fire sprinkler systems in grocery stores, government buildings, hotels and many other occupancies in 2010. We will also continue to provide high quality inspections of fire sprinkler systems throughout Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and Michigan.
We look forward to meeting our customers needs in the months and years to come. In fact, we're going a step further in meeting customers expectations: We're shooting for the best!
Since 2008, Cherokee Fire has been utilizing Best Practices in construction and project managment. As we enter into 2010, we will be examing and revamping all organizational aspects of our company utilizing accepted ISO standards.
ISO, the International Standards Organization ( registers organizations which have created and maintained a quality management system which complies with their standards. Prior to registration, orgaizations must apply and be subject to an on-site audit of their facilities by an ISO auditor to gain approval.
Cherokee Fire Protection has set an internal deadline of April1, 2011 for application of registration to the ISO 9001:2008 standard. We will be utilizing these quality standards in 2010. Since we're already utilizing industry Best Practices, some customers and vendors may not notice significant changes while others will. Any changes observed, however, will be good changes.
For additional information about the Fire Sprinkler Industry Best Practices, visit:
For additional information about the International Standards Organization, visit:

Questions regarding Cherokee Fire Protection's quality management system and ISO planning my be addressed by Forest Wilson, President of Cherokee Fire and Quality Compliance Official. (ph: 937-376-2333)