Proper Care of Post Indicating Valves

A local home improvement store recently called Cherokee Fire because someone had ran over their outside Post Indicating Valve (PIV) with a vehicle.

Our Service Technicians quickly replaced the damged Post Indicator and the store was back to business.

What is a PIV? Well, it's a valve which indicates if its Open or Shut. These valves usually control water to fire sprinkler systems and its important to visually verify, on a weekly basis, that the valve is Open.

The valve should be equipped with a special wrench to operate the valve and it should be exercised (fully Shut then Opened) every 3 months. Proper exercise of the valve will help ensure a trouble free operation and reduce expensive service calls to rebuild valves frozen in the Open position, or difficult to operate during annual sprinkler inspections.

Lighthouse Baptist Church

The Lighthouse Baptist Church recently opened its doors to the Xenia community, after renovating the old Don's Supervalue Store building to meet their growing needs.

Cherokee Fire Protection make renovations to the existing fire sprinkler system to bring the system up to code and ensure safety in the remodeled building.

Lighthouse Baptist Church selected a Cherokee Fire Inspection and Maintenance Plan to ensure that their system properly inspected and maintained. We are happy to meet their needs and wish them well.

Forest Wilson served as Project Manager and Mark Karr of MG Design served as Layout Technician.

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